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You find the Roßfeld kiosk next to the parking lot by the crest road side. You may like to stop at the kiosk for a snack and refreshments. Parking Lot P5 Crest Road.

The Ahornkaser is the highest tavern in Germany, which can still be reached by car. It offers a magnificent view on the surrounding mountains. Parking spots for buses and cars are available right next to the tavern. When driving up to the tavern from the south the Ahornkaser is located at the beginning of the crest part of the panoramic road. Parking Lot P3 Ahornkaser Tavern; telephone: +49 (0) 8652 2997

The mountain service area at the Roßfeld ski lodge offers traditional Bavarian cuisine. Travelling up to it from the north, you find it about 150 m past the Roßfeld mountain meadows on the left side of the Roßfeldstrasse. Parking Lot P7 Roßfeld Ski Lodge. Telephone: +49 (0) 865 294 8719