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The grandiose Berchtesgaden Alps will be part of the experience when the ‘International Edelweiss Mountain Award Roßfeld Berchtesgaden’ is bestowed. For the ceremony we will step back in time all the way to the 1960s and the unforgettable European Mountain Championship runs at the Roßfeld. With this ‘Goodwood Festival of Speed in the Mountains’ we also want to pay tribute to the legendary Salzberg races on the gravel track between Berchtesgaden and Obersalzberg.

This award celebration on the last weekend in September 2013 is going to revel in memories of the fascinating sports, touring, racing and formula cars of the 1960s. Historic service vehicles, racing transporters, police cars, ambulances and fire trucks will set the stage for the paddocks. Many car makers and collectors opened their treasure troves to let us all enjoy their most prized pieces in Berchtesgaden. Best of all, the greats of the 1960s pilots, speakers and promoters will be there to help bring the memorabilia to life.

The visitors in their period garb and historic vehicles will be part of the event. In Berchtesgaden the visitors will board historic buses to go to the individual stops along the track and to the two paddocks. Every day of the event, three motorbike presentation runs (uniformity races) and one demonstration run will be held featuring motorbikes built in 1930. Daring hellriders will also perform regularly at gravity slopes with their old Indian motorcycles.

It still gets better! All net profits of the ‘International Edelweiss Mountain Award Roßfeld Berchtesgaden’ are going to be donated to help mentally disabled people in and around Berchtesgaden. What could be better than bringing light into the lives of people?