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Rossfeld as Movie Backdrop

For many years now, film companies love to use the Roßfeldstraße and the surrounding mountain scenery as movie setting.

A few of the best known movies with Roßfeld as scenery are:

1965 ‘The Sound of Music’

Starring Julie Andrews.
There is hardly anyone who has not watched this movie at least once. In the American Film Institute’s list of best films, this movie ranked 40th; it was 4th in the list of best movie musicals of all time.

1989 ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’

Starring Harrison Ford.
The movie features a car drive to ‘Brunwald Castle’ where Indiana Jones rescues his father from captivity. This drive was shot at the Roßfeld.

1994 ‘Rudy, the Racing Pig’

Starring Iris Berben and Ulrich Mühe

1996 ‘Alle meine Töchter’

(Series: ‘All My Daughters’) starring Günter Mack and Jutta Speidel

1997 ‘Tierarzt Dr. Quirin Engel’

(Veterinary Dr. Quirin Engel), starring Wolfgang Fiereck

2000 ‘Weg in die Dunkelheit’

(Descent into Darkness) RTL Production

2004 ‘Die Patriarchin’

(The Matriarch), starring Iris Berben as Nina Vandenberg

2004 ‘Der Bulle von Tölz’

(The Bull from Tölz), starring Ottfried Fischer in the series ‘Sport is Murder’

2007 ‘A Year Ago in Winter’

Starring Karoline Herfurth and Josef Bierbichler

2007 ‘North Face’

A majestic movie starring Benno Fürmann and Florian Lukas

2008 ‘Das Morphus-Geheimnis’

(The Morphus Secret), children’s movie with Jonas Hämmerle and Michael Boll.
In the movie, a boy discovers an old Beethoven melody, which puts people to sleep.

2009 Constantin Film ‘Vincent will Meer’

starring Florian David Fitz

2009 ‘Gottes mächtige Dienerin’

(God’s Mighty Servant), two-part ARD series with Christine Neubauer as the German nun Madre Pascalina Lehnert

2009 ‘Freche Mädchen 2’

(Naughty Girls 2), a Constantin movie starring Emilia Schule, Seline Müller and Henriette Nagel

2011 ‘Die Jagd nach dem Bernsteinzimmer’

(The Hunt for the Amber Room), RTL adventure movie starring Kai Wiesinger